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Photo of Attorney Michael P. Molina, CPA, REB, Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker
Atty. Michael P. Molina, CPA, REB
Certificate of Admission to the Bar, Michael P. Molina, Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Certificate of Registration, CPA, Certified Public Accountant, Professional Regulations Commission, Michael P. Molina

Established in July 1, 1998, The Law & Realty Offices of Michael P. MolinaThe Law & Realty Offices of Michael P. Molina has its base at the premier financial capital of Western Mindanao in Southern Philippines - Zamboanga City. Relatively young in the field of law, Michael P. Molina, then a neophyte lawyer, believed in the ideals of reliable professionalism in the practice of law as he embarked on a challenging career as a private practitioner. Staffed with young lawyers and paralegals, and encouraged by a growing market in the field of management consultancy, accounting, real estate law, and business litigation, Atty. Molina slowly built his practice with the able guidance of veteran law practitioners Felipe Wong and the late Reynaldo Santos.
           Prior to setting up his own law firm, Atty. Molina was a Professor of Accountancy in the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, a Lecturer in the College of Law of the Western Mindanao State University, and the Police Training Institute of the Philippine Public Safety College, and worked as a rights lawyer for the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, as a Corporate Secretary for the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport, and as a Finance & Accounting Consultant for the World Bank.
          Today, Molina Law Offices maintains a main office  in Zamboanga City, island of Mindanao, Philippines offering legal, financial, notarial and real estate services for both foreign and domestic clients. 

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